The Welda Vinyl Windows is by far the best vinyl window on the market today.

The superiority of these Canadian made windows becomes apparent when you consider their unique virtues:

uPVC Windows Deliver

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  • Exceptionally good looks with unique attractive contouring inside and out like finished woodwork.
  • Highest quality un-plasticized pure uPVC expertly compounded and extruded directly from pure powder. Ecologically responsible.
  • The most advanced structural design for superb functionality in a high performance window.
  • A sealing system found in only the highest quality windows.
  • Welda’s unique ‘continuous corner’ sealed unit manufactured directly, completely and exclusively by CARDINAL I.G. with each sealed unit numbered and registered for a lifetime.
  • The ultimate in smart glass technology featuring the latest in superior Cardinal Low-E and self-cleaning coatings to maximize the comfort of your home while dramatically lowering energy costs.
  • High Security: Grade 40 Security which is the highest security rating possible against forced entry, far exceeding other windows and even the CSA A440 highest standard. Unique locking technology and manufacturing know-how helps protect your family, home and possessions to the highest level that can be tested.
  • Every Window Style: , casement, sliders, fixed, double hung and single hung; all featuring elegant architectural features to complement your sense
    of style.
  • Extensive selection of glass and muntin bar options along with accessories to help you achieve exactly the look you need for your home to shine.
  • Colours, as varied as your imagination can suggest, are combined with nano-technology. Look into the revolutionary “Texture” by Welda.
  • Tilting sashes for easy cleaning or optional self-cleaning NEAT glass, to remove at least one item from the chore list.

Welda proudly stands behind these exceptional ENERGY STAR and CSA certified windows, backed by a CSA certified installation and an industry leading Non-pro-rated Lifetime Warranty.

Authorized Dealer Network:
Hand picked professionals from the best in Canada and right in your neighbourhood.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Windows

What makes Welda’s Contour Series so aesthetically appealing is their classic Georgian architectural proportions; not too skinny and not too bulky. These beautiful ratios can be traced back to the brilliant aesthetic principles of the ancient Greeks who certainly knew something about beauty and design.

With sculpted proportioned lines, the Contour Series offers the
sophisticated elegance of finely crafted wood windows. These finely contoured surfaces play with the available light, finding attractive accents while eliminating the harsh reflected glare of flat-surfaced windows. This new standard in appearance is a far cry from the mundane industrial look of old flat surfaced windows.
This elegant styling carries throughout the design. Advanced glazing technology, for example, eliminates the need for exposed and unattractive black or white rubber glazing strips common to virtually all other vinyl windows. The result is clean attractive lines more like classic wood windows.

The overall symmetry of the Welda Vinyl Windows is on display with the seamless continuity of mulled windows, joined in window combinations such as those found in bay and bow windows.
The new and improved Contours Series has gone one step further by introducing steps and reveals to the inside of the window. Now you can have both great street-side curb appeal and amazing elegant finished looks from the inside. A new and higher standard in style is finally here in a high performance vinyl window.

Grade 40 Windows Security

Welda’s Contour Series has achieved the remarkable GRADE 40 rating for successfully resisting forced entry. GRADE 40 is the highest rating that can be tested for any vinyl window, exceeding by far virtually every other make of window, and well beyond the CSA F10 and F20 standards.

All Welda windows were proven to resist forced entry attempts by experts with common burglary tools while withstanding forces up to 300 lbs. Security can sometimes and suddenly become very important. We take it seriously. Welda GRADE 40 are the most secure windows you
can buy.

So sleep more securely and enjoy the greater peace of mind that comes with Welda’s superior GRADE 40 security systems. Unique in North America, Welda’s made in Canada solutions once again simply set the new standard.

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